Use Location for other default values

New user here who is also pretty new to irrigation and sprinkler systems in general.

I noticed when entering my zip code, Iro appeared to also grab my town’s watering schedule. This got me thinking why not create a database of other typical items needed during setup that are likely common to a region? For example soil type and many other items are probably the same. This might make the setup seem less daunting. I imagine there is quite a bit of crowdsouricing that could be utilized.

On our list, but not that automated yet. Maybe your Iro is self learning? :wink:

Yes definitely. We are working on how to make onboarding more frictionless. Automatically defaulting the correct crop type (cool season/warm season grass) and soil type are relatively straight forward using regional data and more sophisticated techniques. Just working on feature prioritization. Thanks for the feedback!


Ha! I guess every 3 days is the default interval for manual interval scheduling then?

Could also use location for scheduled start times too! Most folks recommend watering in the later evening hours in CO vs early am. That 5am defiant start time would have my sprinklers running through lunch!! For weeks like this, the water might actually evaporate before it lands :slight_smile:

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Sweet, aquanet beat sky net to the punch!