"Use Default Values" in iOS

I was in the advanced settings on one of my zones and I accidentally hit the default button and lost all of my custom values. Not a huge deal since I can copy over from my other like zones, but I did lose my sq ft that I don’t remember what it was previously. It would be nice to have a popup or something saying something along the lines of “This will reset all of your settings, are you sure you want to continue”. It’s never a good user experience to have one click take away a bunch of custom work that has been put in.


I actually keep a spreadsheet with ALL my zone settings because it is just too darn easy to accidentally click something and have it take effect. Agree 100% with you, and IMHO I would actually like to have to click save whenever I make a change. But I do realize that is not necessarily the way of the new world.

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I keep meaning to manually record my settings also. I was thinking an Export Settings would be nice to have, even if there wasn’t an Import Settings (although that would be nice too).



If you hit ‘restore defaults’ on IOS, are the changed settings saved automatically without having to press “Save” on the zone screen? This seems odd, as every other change needs to be manually saved before it is retained in the zone.

EDIT: Just tried on mine, hit ‘Default’ and my area changed. I backed out after, to the main screen without saving, then went back in and my previous values were still in place.

I just tried it and that is not the case for me. I hit default then backed out all the way with no Saving. Settings are now reset to default. When I hit default settings the app dims for a Moment while things are being saved automatically.

Indeed. I tried it again and got the new default area to stick without saving. I stand corrected. Not sure what I did the first time. LOL.

At least I took a screenshot this time before hitting it :wink:

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