URGENT: Need fix to multiple Rachio units so they work as one system


I’m impressed. There’s a lot that’s doable with this strategy, albeit a lot of work. Moving your back engine software from tracking all values for 16 zones to 32 zones I’m sure is like changing programs from 32 to 64 bit processing.

This says version 3 won’t include an Ethernet connection option. Maybe version 4 will.

Study Nikon: every lens from day 1 fits a Nikon lens mount.

Study Canon: 40 years ago they ‘bet the farm’ on consumers accepting a lens mount change, from FD to EF, such that consumers had to start over with Canon lenses.

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Glad to here is is coming… sometime. 32 zone user here.


I think this could be implemented via software only short term,
Any directed graph could plot vertices from the edges:
location -> controller
Controller -> zone
Zone -> schedule execution
location -> schedule
Schedule -> zone

The biggest problem is that this drags in a graphing database and you guys will end up having to djykstra your way back and forth through the graph constantly when scheduling runs, managing weather data or managing schedules.

I think a tree approach will make it too computationally expensive to start in the middle of a tree, plus it’s hard to shoe horn in the idea of a schedule into any tree…



You had me at graphing database :wink:


Just installed my second controller and while I would love to see the controllers sync as one system I was pleased with the way the system currently works. Some of these posts concerned me and I’m posting here to possibly allieviate fear if someone is waiting for the grand solution before pulling the trigger on a second controller.

It is very easy to navigate between clocks and really not much different than trying to manage dumb clocks from crashing into each other. I run flex so there are days where I have long run times and if I see there is overlap I’ll probably change the Trees and SHrubs (drip zones) to even and odd days. That way grass and flowers will be the only thing that I need proper space between start times. I have no water restrictions so that obviously makes a big difference.

I have one more controller to buy and will probably watch this 2nd one for a few days and then pull the trigger on number 3. I really don’t see a downside since Franz assured us that the fix will be software related and wont make the Gen 2s obsolete. I trust that it is on the “list” and will be addressed as soon as it makes sense. When it does get addressed it will be a HUGE help to those of us trying to manage multiple clocks but until then I’m happy with having the smart features and dealing with the annoyance of messing with start and end times.

Hope this helps.

Update? More than 16 zones?

@jackmarkle Thank you for sharing your experience! How many zones do you have? If you need three controllers it must be a pretty beautiful yard :heart_eyes:


Sounds like this is likely to never happen, I’m using a competitor which has promised this feature eventually as well, but their Android App forces me to logout/login to each controller which is a real pain. So is it any easier with the rachio to switch between controllers? If so, that may be enough for me to move. I just wish there was a 12 zone since I have 3 12 zone controllers all in different locations so I need 3 16’s :frowning:


Hey @JimBo-

You do not have to log in and out of the app to switch between devices, this article shows some great gifs of how easy it is to switch between devices within the app!


We never say never here at Rachio :wink:

McKynzee :rachio:


“We never say never here at Rachio.”

While I agree, still, I think you (your company) occasionally signal what’s near term versus what’s ‘probably not going to happen.’

My ‘reading of the tea leaves’ is that:

1.) more than 16 zones (multiple controllers viewed as one unit) is coming sooner versus later. This is purely a (complex) s/w challenge, you guys like s/w challenges, and you have smart s/w people. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to be guessing that 24 zone is coming, maybe even 32.

2.) Ethernet connectivity is not coming any time soon. At the moment there’s plenty of market challenges associated with residential and small commercial properties such that there isn’t ‘bandwidth’ (or interest) to focus on municipal or parks or athletic field opportunities where Ethernet is a must.

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After 3 years of research and testing (and 2 home brew test systems, 1 Ardrino, one RaspberryPI that both ‘worked’) I decided to install what seemed to be the winner - Rachio V2
I installed 4x 16 station and 1x 8 station V2 controllers in mid summer of 2016. Have 2 more 8 station controllers to install soon. Love the system. My brain hurts from the intense pain of dealing with 5 controllers now (72 stations and growing…) as not only do we have water rationing here, but everything has to come off my 2500 gallon storage tank/boost pump that I cannot run dry and that requires a constant dance with overlapping schedules of 5 (7) controllers.

My very first PM to Rachio (Franz) within a week of install was begging to link them soon… at least in my lifetime.

It is without a doubt the biggest shortcoming of the system in my eyes and given how good the rest of the system works, it’s a vital, needed fix.

While I am whining, WiFi 2.4… 802.11… It a new era (to few channels, too much overlap). next generation hardware minimum 802.11ac…

Need better ways to get more soil moisture sensors in to the system - currently I get the data from 5 sensors on the property (BTE to 802.11ac/POE) upload it to the cloud and then hand manage the watering to Rachio since I have not worked out how to get into the API to send data to specific stations.

I do believe the feature set of Rachio is right up there with the best and I do have faith they will find a way to deliver this vital feature.
Early on in this tread there was a comment along the lines of not that many users have more than 1 (or perhaps 2 controllers)>
I suspect this is rapidly becoming untrue, and as someone said - with mandatory rationing the number of stations will just keep going up to manage the watering needs of anything more than a condo.

Still, Rachio is one of the very best solutions out there on a cost and feature basis, but you’re not the phone company, you cannot accept ‘good enough’

I’ll get back in my box now


So very true.
It is a shame as I like the system, but I have been waiting 6 years already…


Thanks for the reply and the info, I’ve finally been convinced to move from Blossom, especially with the $50 gift card! Ordered 3 16 zone controllers today.


There is definitely a market for controllers with more than 16 stations. I was at a home yesterday with 20 zones. Cannot use Rachio. They upgraded their existing Rain Bird ESPMe with a Lnk wifi. Need larger capacity, plus a definite need for a commercial version, perhaps thay requires a cellular service since these are not near homes. Here you start competing with the big boys.


Woohoo! :tada: Welcome to the Rachio team!


Hi Emil,
If i could interject a request: request hardware expansion up to at least 24 stations, along with supporting software. Would you be able to produce a schematic drawing?


I need this as well. I don’t see why it is so hard for the software to check if there is a conflict with the other controller??? The same app sees both devices, why can’t it at least do the math and know there will be overlap or not???


Well for what it is worth, I have the same issue–two controllers, that I wish were integrated as one. I agree with Mr. Guggenheim–this is something you should do to improve your system. It would benefit me as well.


Not that I am pitching Hunter’s wifi controller, but they have add on modules that can bring a controller’s capacity to 36 zones. Rachio could look at sonething like this.


I have the same issue–a 16 unit controller and an 8 unit controller. It sounds like Rachio is not interested in providing a fix to combine the two controllers in software so that there is only one start time each night for both controllers. Such a fix could not be too difficult to do, and you would think that it would open the window for them to sell more controllers to people who have more than 16 stations of irrigation. As it is, I am never quite sure when the first controller will be done each night so I know when to start the second controller. I can’t believe they haven’t worked through this issue up until now.


Most systems are 16 zones are less. I believe Rachio is best, but there would have been other manufacturer choices if you have 24 zones. Rachio cares. They have a lot going on. They really need to come out with add on modules to increase station capability. Irrigation technology has never moved this fast. We all owe a lot to Rachio for giving the industry a kick in the seat. Without Rachio, Toro, Hunter and Rain Bird would be churning out the same clunky stuff.