"Updating devices..."

My app won’t allow me to connect to my Rachio 3. It keeps repeating this message “Updating Devices…” with a flashing status light. How can I get access to my Rachio 3?

As a short term “fix”, can you try killing and re-opening the app? Is this iOS or Android?



Yes, I have closed the app and opened it at least 20 times between last night and today. But it won’t get rid of the message. I went into the app store today and updated the app as well.

I tried getting a hold of the support team via email and phone today as well. 2 emails and many phone calls. I wasn’t ever able to get a hold of them, or get a response. After waiting for 5-10 minutes for an associate, a message prompted me to leave my name and a callback number with an email address.

Sorry the app is having issues. I was able to take a look at your account through the app and saw your controller is online, so there’s no issues there.

Are you using the iOS or Android app? We just pushed an update for both platforms yesterday (version 3.15.1). Were you having this issue before you went to the App Store to update?