Updated PWS Instructions?

I’m trying to find updated instructions on how to integrate my new PWS data to my Rachio gen2. Via another site, I was told to post my question here and look for a response from “Gene”. PWS is a Davis Vantage Vue with Weatherlink Live, currently uploading to CWOP & Weather Underground.


Normally I would help to add your station’a data to pwsweather, but as you are already uploading your data to CWOP, it should have been enough. Did you contact CWOP’s support to add your station to NOAA network, so that it would be visible to Rachio?

Alternately. Do you want to create a pwsweather station to use with your Rachio Gen 2, or would you like me to relate a randomly named station for you?

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@Gene I have not contacted CWOP to have it added to NOAA (nor did I know this was a required step).

Personally, I’d like to send via pws weather as their interface is much better. Is it a hassle? If not, could you outline the steps needed?

Not a bother, what is your Davis MAC address? ID you’ve registered with weatherlink?

You can PM me (link) if you prefer to share the data in private.

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@Gene I will send you a PM. Thanks for the help!

Don’t want to hijack, but I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. How does a PWS benefit Rachio in 2020 @gene?

It used to be that Rachio could pull ET from your station (if your station was uploaded to CWOP), but I seem to remember a post from @franz that said ET is now aggregated and can’t be pulled from a particular PWS, even if you have one selected.

So does Rachio get rain values from a PWS? And then would best practice be (if you have a PWS setup) to explicitly select the PWS in Rachio, vs Weather Network in Weather Intelligence Plus?

Sorry for all the questions - like I said, I’ve been out of the loop for a while. :wink:


You are right, evaporation / plant depletion is calculated on a larger scales, hopefully using a well managed stations. Local weather station is used for rain data and, as far as I know, weather data for skip calculations (such as skipping schedule due to temperature, wind, etc…).

thx for the repsonse @Gene. My PWS was just down for a few days because the UV/temp sensor blew, so glad that didn’t affect my watering :wink: