Update Flex Daily with Even Day restrictions

Just wanted to update how even day restrictions have affected my flex daily plan. I would say it ya been very successful so far with huge help from forum members. Occasionally Rachio gives an extra day watering if it feels it will lose too much before next unrestricted day but otherwise perfect.

Things to note:

  • works seamlessly with PWS
  • tweaking the zones seems daunting but will get you to a place you are happy with
  • cup test easy and changes everything
  • if something doesn’t seem right easy to skip
  • if you run a zone outside of the flex daily (quick run) it will still adjust your saturation in the flex graphs still
  • the graphs are extremely useful in understanding just how your zones respond to different watering scenarios
  • if I was too walk away and not obsess over detail (guilty :joy:) it would now run itself.

Conclusion: In the first few weeks of work and under spring conditions work well even with watering restrictions.

Will try and update how the system handles hot summer weather. I’m guessing will just water deep every 2 days.

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Thank you for the update! Great to get feedback on schedule performance. Please let us know if you have any other feedback or questions.

Have a great day!


Hi, R3 here. You mentioned GRAPHS. Where can I find them.
Using an Android Samsung tablet and phone only. Thanks in advance. Woody

If you have a zone in a flex daily schedule you can go to the zone page and then tap on soil moisture.