Upcoming Watering Event Alert

I’m hoping that the resident Iro wizards can help me come up with an alert to address the following scenario:

My Iro is currently set to water on a ‘feature formerly known as flex’ schedule. Which means that it waters as needed and is not on a recurrence pattern that one’s brain can simply remember on a day-to-day basis (this is a good thing). What I’d like to setup is what I think of as the “last chance to impact the watering” alert for the evening before a watering. So my watering start time is 2:00 AM, and I realize that Iro is evaluating the conditions on some cadence leading up to that start time. In that run-up, at say 8:00 PM the evening before I’d like an alert with a summary of the upcoming watering. Obviously this could still change (massive downpour sets off my rain sensor), but it is a - based on best available data, we’re planning to water alert. In the same vein as the Nest feature where it evaluates the battery before bedtime and proactively alerts to an issue (where possible).

The intent is that this would be my last time to intervene with the watering event. Mostly by setting a manual rain delay. Why would one do that? You paid good money for a ‘smart’ controller - let it be smart. Well, life happens. Sometimes I need to mow the lawn early in the AM and want to delay watering so that it is dry for the mower. Random situations like that that no smart controller could ever address - and only manual override will do.

Just open the app and check it is a better than nothing solution here, but I have a hunch that other users might appreciate such a watering event summary as well.