Unscheduled Flex Daily Watering


My Gen 3 watered last night when wasn’t scheduled. I refreshed before went to sleep and next watering was the 7th. Woke up to the sprinklers running and stopped the cycle. Any explanation on why this ran?? My zones show 0% moisture but when went to sleep it was showing 43 and we got good storm last night. I see by my moisture charts the rain didn’t register but seems weird the schedule changed in middle of night. And with my moisture at 0% shouldn’t it be scheduled to run tonight?


@liv4muddin Schedules rebuild at least 12 hours and 1 hour before start time. The zone could be depleted at 1 hour check and the system added a run. Since the run was stopped, the zone will deplete today, but the system cannot water today again. Looks like there is precip tomorrow, therefore it will not attempt to water tonight.


Oh ok. That’s good info. Definitely explains what happened. Thanks for explaining