Unplugging the Rachio, any issues to worry about?

I need to move my outlet in the garage. This requires me to unplug the Rachio while I move it. I figure it might take 15 minutes or so. Is it better to run an extension chord and plug it in while I do the work, or is it better to just leave it unplugged for the 15 or 20 minutes? Will I need to do anything (setup) or will it just come back up on it’s own? I assume that removing power, even for a few seconds, will require it to reboot, etc., correct?


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@alfredoj - as long as you aren’t planning on running the sprinkler system during that 15 - 20 minutes, I’d just leave it the Rachio unit unplugged. When the Rachio unit is plugged back in to the new outlet location the Rachio will go through the boot up and connect back to the cloud and you’ll be right back to where you are now.


I second @dlane. I live in an area that experiences relatively frequent power outages (just had two the other day). My Rachio has done just fine through all of them. And I figure that just like your computer (PC, phone, tablet, etc), it doesn’t really hurt for it to have a full, cold, reboot once in awhile!


You will be OK to leave it unpluged,
everything is cloud based so all your settings are automatically saved. Some people even unplug it for the winter.