Unexpected back-to-back waterings?

I have a zone setup to water my trees on flex daily schedule. It usually runs for 3 hours every 2-4 weeks or so.

It watered this morning (as expected) but I was poking around the app and noticed it was also scheduled to run tomorrow as well (3 hours). I checked the zone settings/info and it says the soil is 96% saturated.

This hasn’t happened before. Any idea why it would want to water 2 days in a row?

@bcellis I reviewed your calendar and the calendar you saw was built in the middle of the morning run. Around 4:06 am. At that point the irrigation for today hasn’t registered yet and we added an irrigation event for the soonest day (tomorrow) because the level was still depleted. Flex runs get re-checked at least at start-12 hours and start-1 hours daily and the 12 hour check at ~2:15 pm today would have removed the run. Looks like the manual skip was enabled around 1:58 pm, just a few minutes before the scheduled check. We are planning on adding extra rebuilds upon schedule completions in near future to reflect moisture changes on the calendar as soon as possible. Hopefully this explains it. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Perfect, thank you!