Understanding rain delay

I went to sleep last night, there was no scheduled run on the app, I also had .50” of water in a rain gauge for the day and Weather Underground indicated .25” of water had fallen during the day. This morning I received a message that a zone ran for 20 mins last night. I didn’t expect that and probably would have skipped the cycle had I known. Why didn’t it skip or why did it run? And why did I not see it on the schedule, at one point it was and then it was not.

Even with precipitation (.14 inches recorded), the system still needed to run due to the predicted weather for today. This graph shows the decision.

Also, you have chosen loamy sand which is going to water very frequently due to the low soil water capacity. I would probably chose something like loam to start off. Your available water capacity on the zone is really low (.07) due to the soil type you chose.

One last thing, I recommend starting off one zone in flex daily, getting it dialed in, and then moving more zones to flex daily if satisfied.

If you want a simple schedule with rain skips fixed and flex monthly would be the way to go.

Explanation of flex daily watering:


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Thanks you! That cleared a lot up and I’ve made some adjustments.