Understanding advanced settings

I was on chat for a long time and still am confused by all the possible settings.
What does changing from trees to grass to xeriscape actually do? Is it just a shortcut to change the advanced settings?

My theory is that the actual amount of water (frequency & duration) is determined solely by the advanced settings values. The other settings such as zone type, spray head, soil type, etc. are easier for a user to judge and are used to determine the default advanced settings.
When it comes time to calculate the actual watering, only the advanced settings values are used.

For example:
A: select xeriscape and tweak all advanced settings to match what they would have been if you selected trees.
B: select trees and don’t touch the advanced settings

the water frequency & duration would be the same in either case
and they will react to weather changes the same

Is this true?

When you set the vegetation type, nozzle type, soil type, those set Advanced Zone settings to around the ballpark. So if you change one of those after you edit Advanced Zone settings, your custom settings might be overwritten. So yes, Daily Flex watering frequency and duration all rely on the Advanced Zone settings and, for frequency, daily crop evapotranspiration too.

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Yes, frequency and duration are calculated directly from the Advanced Settings values, but those Advanced Setting values are set to their values by the Basic settings (Soil Type, Crop, Sun, etc.). You should start with the basic settings, basically describing your zone, and only change Advanced values if you know they should be different than the standard values.