Unable to "Update Wi-Fi Network" after upgrade from Gen1 to Gen2

Hi Guys! I finally got my Gen2 set up this week, upgrading it from a Gen1 which I loved. On my Android device, when I go into device settings and try to “Update Wi-Fi Network” it gives me the dark blue screen with the spinning light green circle and “Searching for your iro…” and never finds it. The lights on the Gen2 Iro show it’s connected (all 4 lights on solid, not blinking) so I’m thinking this could be a bug. I have now set up a guest wireless network to keep my IoT stuff off the main network and that’s why this is of importance to me. Thanks!

Are you looking to move the Gen 2 to a different WiFi network? If so, these steps should help.

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.



Ok, I’ll give that a shot, but…cumbersome. Hopefully this will get simplified. If not, I’d suggest mentioning that in the window that shows it’s searching for the Iro…something like “Did you remember to follow these instructions before Updating wireless settings?” or even if there was another link on the bottom to what you gave me. Thanks for your lightning fast support! Maybe change your screen name to Barry Allen? :smile: