Unable to link Alexa


I keep getting and error telling me to try again later after trying to connect my rachio to Alexa. I enable the skill, enter the log in info and allow access when prompted. I have disable and enabled several times on both and iPhone and iPad and get the same error page to try later. Any ideas?


Same problem here


We’ve had other customers report this issue. Our development team is working with Amazon to determine the issue. I’ll post back when we have more information.



I called Rachio and was told it wasnt a problem on their end and to call amazon (not helpful at all)
I just got off a 45 min call with 3 different people at amazon alexa. Eventually being handed off to a “techincal specialist” and they did not know of an issue and it sounded like their first time dealing with the device. I am now waiting for a call back after they issued a ticket and report to further look into the situation.

good times



Sorry you had to go through that. Our development team believes they have discovered the issue and are working on a resolution. I will post here when the issue has been resolved.

I have also notified our support team with this information so they are not having customers reach out to Amazon.



Same issue here - looking forward to your resolution


Same issue here. Please let us know


Just got mine to link - looks like it’s fixed


@jimithang @lifl2003 @bbarn @djk8088 @Semaj710 This issue should now be resolved! Please let us know if you continue to run into any issues. We apologize for any issues this caused!


Cool. Thanks. Got it to work