UI addition - show total watering time for a schedule

Hi all - I’m tweaking my flex schedules, and as I change parameters on zones, in order to see the effect on an overall runtime for a schedule, I need to go back to the home screen and click on the schedule and wait for it to load.
What would be nice is if the Watering Schedule pane showed the currently-calculated total runtime for each schedule. Right next to where it currently says the start time. Like this:
West Side 6-7-8 Flexible
Any day at 4:00 am Total Run Time: 30 min


Hey @rpmasson!

Thank you for the feedback- I agree it would be nice to connect the changes you make to a schedule to the possible impact it can have on your settings. I’ll pass your idea along to the team :slight_smile: How long have you been using flex? How has it been working thus far?

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi McKynzee - This is my 2nd season with Flex schedules. Last year I started with one side of the house (we have 16 zones + 4 in the garden!) and it seemed to work fine, so I switched all of the zones to different Flex schedules.
At first I thought it was using too much water (but I’m notoriously cheap - and with 20k sq ft of lawn that’s a lot of water!)–which is why I keep fiddling with the parameters.
But I think it’s pretty fine tuned now - I need to make some root measurements - we have Kentucky Bluegrass in a fairly cool climate (right up the road from you in Boulder - well, Frederick) but I don’t think the roots are anywhere near 6".
Anyway, I really like Rachio & I’m addicted!


Hey @rpmasson-

Thanks for the extra details, glad to hear it’s working well for you now! Do you think you are saving water now that you have it tuned in? A 20,000 sqft lawn in Boulder… that sounds like heaven :heart_eyes:


Well, couple of things - first, we’re not in Boulder, we’re actually in Weld County - much different!
As far as saving water - let’s put it this way, the lawn is a lot greener than if I “manually” scheduled things. In other words, if I were doing it manually I’d put a lot less water on it, but it would also be a lot less green!

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