TypeErrors in the webapp

I can no longer advance the date in the moisture balance graph. Did you guys deploy some changes recently? There’s a TypeError in the console that’s the cause of the problem.

Chrome 44.0.2403.107 m
Win 8

It also looks like any flex schedule I create doesn’t actually create any future watering days which is odd since there hasn’t even been the first one.

If you try to edit the schedule, there’s another TypeError for ‘top.’ I’ve tried a refresh blowing out cache but no luck.

This looks to have cleared up overnight.

@Dan mentioned to me that the TypeErrors was purely cosmetic. Nonetheless we are looking into it, the future date might have been caused by turn of the day (UTC), let us know if you see strange behavior again.


Sounds good, I’ll try it again around the same time tonight.

@franz It’s still good tonight. I wonder if it happened only because it was the same day as the new install. The only thing I can add to the repro steps is I did do a device reset earlier in the day. Essentially, I had a few zones setup but due to testing / tweaking I had blown out the moisture level to over 200% and water use was at a ridiculously high value. I just couldn’t wait till you can adjust the moisture balance and wanted to “start over.” I might have to do it again soon so I’ll keep an eye out on this issue and see if it happens again.

I do see the TypeErrors have also gone away.