Two zones at once

New community member. Thanks. I’m having trouble with zone 9 running at the same time as every other zone that comes on. Attached picture. No wiring changes or other changes. Just started out of the blue. Help!

@Sooner1685, welcome to the community. Are all your zone valves in a singular location? It sounds like a problem w/ the common wire. Definitely check your wire connections in the field if everything is in one location.

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What happens when you activate Zone 9 electrically on manual run? Then Zone 8?

Guessing your shorted Zone 9 wire to common in the field.

Your wiring indicates a MV Do you have a MV?

As @gaustin indicates check the field , but definitely check for the Zone wire connecting to all Common.

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They are not all in one location.

@Sooner1685, I zoomed into that picture and it looks like you have some dead ants on the circuit board in the middle of the controller. I would definitely blow those dead carcasses off and check and see if you can visually see more. Ants can be very detrimental to electronics and may have caused a short somewhere in the controller.

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