Two water sources for different zones

I live on a Lake and draw water via a pump from the lake. The city will not allow allow me to use lake water next to house (shrubbery) so my Zones 5 & 6 use City water when running my schedules.

The Lake pump however comes on even though that is not the water source for those 2 zones. My irrigation contractor says I am going to ‘burn up” the pump by running it during the watering of these two zones ( water has nowhere to go )and wants me to go back to the old controller. HELP I love my Rachio !

Is there a way to bypass the Lake pump during these two cycles ?

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Yes. There needs to be a master valve/pump selection on a valve by valve basis.
In the interim, the OP could wire a relay in with the two valves that do not use the pump that would disconnect the pump circuit when they turn on.