Tweaking Settings - Grass Brown

Hey all–

I had thought I had mastered my Rachio- but find I have to manually intervene regularly. Grass is looking especially dry this July and I need help.

I live in Colorado Springs, CO (80921).

I’ve got a “hybrid fescue” grass that’s supposed to be especially drought resistant, but still feel like Kentucky Blue Grass.

I’ve got a total of 11 zones-- mostly flat, but some slopes.

Zones may tweak a little but generally:

Zone Type: Cool Season Grass
Spray Head: Fixed Spray Head
Soil Type: Clay Loam
Exposure: Varies (Mostly Lots of Sun)
Slope: Flat (Sometimes slight)

Can you provide a little more detail? Is this a flex daily schedule you are running? If yes couple easy ways to help adjust.

  • First, is to just add a bit more to watering durations
  • Second, is if you want a little more frequency increase crop coefficient on zones by 5-10% and it will simulate depleting moisture faster.

I always recommend starting with one or two zones (front and back), get those dialed in, then roll out to other zones if it is working well.


Yes-- Its a Flex Daily Schedule. I’ll try upping the durations, but wasn’t sure what that did when using a flex-- doesn’t it rely more on the SOIL MOISTURE percentages?

You can think of them as working in conjunction. Watering duration will fill the zone “bucket” up, and frequency of watering is how often it gets filled. The recommendations above will help adjust one or the other.

Hope this helps.