Turning reports on?

How do I enable reports? The reporting feature looks cool, but it doesn’t work by default. I water my yard daily, but according to the reports, have used zero gallons. That would be incredibly efficient, if factual! I have searched for hours and can’t figure out how to enable reporting to make it work. Surely I’m missing a switch or check box somewhere. Any nudge in the right direction to turn this on would be appreciated!

@DRN With the latest iOS 1.6 release you can view your water usage (and savings). In Android 1.7 these reports will be available. Using our webapp (app.rach.io) is another way to visually see the reports. We are tracking ALL watering minutes (manual/scheduled) and recording that data, but are only displaying scheduled schedules currently on the reports.

Here is an FAQ on some questions you might have about the graphs/reports/charts.


Let us know if you have any other questions. Over time we will be adding many more reports and graphs based on user feedback.

So only schedules actually report water usage? That’s a bit baffling, but ok. Hopefully, that issue will be fixed in a future version. As it us now, app reports are useless to me, and it’s information that I would be interested in having someday.

I just checked app.rach.io, and my water usage is showing as zero gallons there as well. My watering durations and zones are showing up correctly, as they are in the app, it’s just that nothing seems to be estimating how many gallons that I’m using. I guess that this isn’t possible yet with manual watering.

@DRN‌ Yes, we will definitely be adding manual minutes to the usage. We are capturing all of that data, just have not incorporated into the reports yet. Thanks for the feedback and have a good one.

Thank you very much.