Turning off PWS

I selected a PWS but know would like to just use the default NWS. Problem is I can’t not have a selected PWS. I can change PWS’s but now I have to select one with no option to not use a PWS. Can anyone tell me if this is possible, what am I missing.

By default Rachio is set to gather data from a trusted source, such as a nearby airport, which also provides data for the NWS. When changing a PWS, make sure that “Show Personal Weather Stations” is set to OFF in order to filter out the stations which are potentially less reliable. Any station that is still visible with show PWS set to off is what you would be looking for. It would be further away, but if you live in an area not prone to micro climates, such as being near a large body of water, you should be ok.


Like Gene said, if you turn “Show Personal Weather Stations” off, whatever station that is at the top of the list is your closest national weather station! If you currently have a PWS selected, it will remain in the list until you select something else. Another tip is all national weather stations begin with “K”. Hope that helps!

McKynzee :rachio:

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