Trying to turn OFF Seasonal Shift. Toggle to OFF won't save. HELLPP!

Toggle returns to ON. Also, trying to extend duration. I can manually increase minutes, but again, changes are not saved.

Hi @jwol! Are you on the iOS, Android, or web app when you are running into this issue?

Hi! Using Firefox online AND/OR my Samsung Prime Galaxy Android.

Thank you! Testing on our end to see if we can replicate your issue- I’ll keep you updated!

THX! Would be lost w/o your help!

Alright @jwol, so I am able to do both of these on Firefox and the Android app. Some recommendations, make sure you are running the most recent Android app, which is 2.8-224. Also, on the web it is important to hit the back button and not the “X” after you edit either of these features. Let me know if this helps! If not, we can keep troubleshooting!!

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Online there is only a pop up type EDIT SCHEDULE screen to
toggle OFF the season shift and only an x to leave that screen…no
rachio back button on that screen like there is on the popup DURATION screen. and if i use firefox to go back a page to return to dashboard, it toggles ON again. Phone is old and useless so best to use Mac desktop here.

Alright- I think I know what’s going on. Here is the process: Again if this isn’t helping let me know!!

PS: This is kind of a pain… I’m sorry about that :confused: Going to bring it to the team and let them know!

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