Troubleshooting: Open wire loop and/or solenoid load test

My customer called and said no water was flowing, but the Rachio was running it’s schedule normally. Her water was on. I checked the outputs at the controller and all were good. I went to her master valve outside and the wire connections were bad. One wire splice just fell off when I touched it.

I stripped the wires back and activated the controller to check output at the master valve wires. All good. I respliced the solenoid and we’re back in business.

Question: Is there going to be any type of troubleshooting feature coming up? Several controllers on the market have a feature that can test zone circuits.

If not, I’d suggest a pretest feature that tests, before every scheduled event, load or open connections between the common and all connected solenoids. Without this feature, along with an alert, a customer can go a week or more without water.

That would make a smarter controller.

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I love this idea! I am having the same problem right now! I believe I have a corroded wire preventing communication to the solanoid.

I wish Rachio was able to perform self-diagnostics (via voltage and ohm tests) to diagnose bad connections.

That is an excellent idea to incorporate into the Rachio. There are a few other brands that have this but those controllers are still not as smart as the Rachio.

I would also like to see a 2 wire system that could use encoders. I have some big properties that are interrested in changing out some of their older 2 wire systems.