Trouble with Zone Names

I noticed that one of my zones was named wrong and I went to the “Web App” on my PC and renamed the zone. NOW they are all wrong for some reason. I guess maybe I should have done the renaming on my Phone where the Rachio App is ???
How do I correct this error? I only have four Zones

Hey @heshie75v-

I have not heard of this happening in the past. Were you able to edit them to the correct names? What did they all change to after changing the one?

McKynzee :rachio:

Don’t know how this happened in the first place, but I changed one zone and then all were wrong.
I finally spoke to Rachio service after trying to fix it myself, and got a great tech on the phone, and he saw the problem and he was able to walk me through the fix and everything is fine now.

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