Transfer soil, zones and data from Gen1 to Gen3


We just purchased a new 12 Zone Gen3 and seek to transfer the zone, soil type, schedule and other data from a 16 Zone Gen 1.
Both units are currently registered and on-line, however we could not find much help in transferring data.

Can someone here point us in the right direction?


I don’t think this exists. If you email maybe they have something?

I wrote a little script that I published in the API section of the forum that will pull out each zones configuration and put it into a spreadsheet. It would make it really to enter in the zone settings in the GUI, having all settings at a glance on a spreadsheet.

If you’re adventurous you could use the spreadsheet as a template and extend my script to push the config into a new rachio, I haven’t written that but it’s totally doable.

Pay extra attention that each zone on the old rachio is the same zone number on the new rachio.

I would recreate the schedules if i where you and set zoil moisture to zero to start over with a new watering cycle.


Thanks Par.

Hope I’m posting to the right forum.

What we’d like to do is get help to transfer all our Cloud data from the Gen 1 unit to the Gen 3 unit, “like to like”, given that all Zones/wiring remains the same on the new unit.

We will retire/recycle the old Gen1 but hope to save a lot of time in recreating the Zone, soil type, heads, schedules etc. from scratch on the new unit.

Some of the threads here seem to mention that it can be done on the backend in the Cloud.

Hope to confirm that can be done and if someone can help us do that?