Transfer previous 8 zone controller settings to Rachio 3 with 8 zones

Hi - I don’t see in Zone Setup the option to transfer zones from my previous controller- according to your documentation there should be a “Transfer Settings” button.

If your “from” controller has 16 zones and your “to” controller has 8 zones we do not support transferring data. Does that happen to be your controller layout?


Do you plan to address that? I, like I’m sure others, took advantage of the special deal on a 16-zone Gen2, despite only having 8 zones. It seems silly to have to set up my zones all over again when I just want the first 8 zones to transfer.

I’ll address this with the team. Things get complex when zones 9-16 are in schedules or are in use.


Thanks, Franz. I’m just hiding the upper 8 zones, but I understand. In the meantime, I’m just going to put my Gen3 on a shelf until transferring is available. It would be a shame if early adopters of Gen2 and Rachio fans are forced to go through the whole setup process again when moving to Gen3.

No they are both the same number of zones. The old model is Gen 2 (8 zones) and the new model is Gen 3 (8 zones).

When you added the controller you should have seen a transition screen asking if you wanted to copy. If not I can have the team transfer for you.

Hi Franz, i did not see that - I had to call support to troubleshoot why it was not making it to the last step. They fixed that but must have resulted in that screen missing. If you could have the team transfer it that would be great! Thank you.

Sure thing. I’ll let you know when those are transferred over.

Settings should be good to go. If you logout/login to the app everything should be ready.