Transfer of service

I have sold my house with my Rachio as part of the deal. I want to transfer the account to the new buyer. I followed the steps in the app but it keeps coming back with an error. I moved so the WiFI is no longer activated and the new buyer not be there for a while.

  1. Will the sprinklers continue to run while the Rachio is not connected to WiFi?
  2. Is the reason I keep receiving errors when trying to transfer the account to the new owners because the rachio is not connect to WiFi? Is there another reason?


Fixed schedules will run indefinitely when off line; otherwise see

Unplug the router and APs, then set up your phone as a mobile hotspot, using the same SSID (network name) and password as your old home Wi-Fi. Power cycle the Rachio and with luck it will come online; you can then complete transfer of ownership. If this fails, use a second phone as a hotspot, then reconfigure Wi-Fi with your phone.

If the Rachio will water adequately while offline, it may be simpler to just wait for the new owner to set it up on his Wi-Fi, then complete the transfer of ownership.