Total Watering Time- Flex Daily Schedule

With my flex daily schedule, it says my total watering time is 3hr and 50 min. I’m trying to understand how to interpret this. Since I am using the flex daily schedule, it’s not watering all my zones for a total of 3 hours and 50 minutes a day. So how does the total watering time come into play with flex daily? Or is it more just to see how much you’re watering and if you were to water all zones at once, how long it would take? Because otherwise, each day can change based on weather, soil moisture, evap, etc. right?

Just shows you total watering for the complete schedule IF they were to all water in the same day. Depending on the zone settings, they will get out of sync and each zone may run at different times.

My drip Schedule

Grass Schedule

Do you have a mixture of grass sprinkler and drip on this schedule?

Makes sense. So there’s no need to get tripped up or worried about the “total watering time” since rarely is there a day where all zones run at the same time. Some days nothing runs, other days it runs for 2.5 hours, another it might run for 45 minutes. No drip on this schedule. Our yard is primarily grass with some landscaping that just get watered in this overall flex daily schedule .The zones have a mix of grass and some landscape. If I had it installed, I would have had separate zones for the perennials/evergreens in our yard verses zones for the grass itself but the builder installed it so it is what it is. It seems to be working out fine for now.