Toro TFS-100 reading short?

Is there any way to calibrate the rachio flow sensor readings? I just installed a toro TFS-100 as per instructions with about 15" of straight pipe before the sensor and 7" after the sensor and when I compared the actual usage from my water meter to that of the flow meter and rachio app it is consistently short. 32 gallons via meter displayed as 25 gallons on the total water usage on the app. I’ve checked the utility meter with a 5 gallon bucket and it’s dead accurate. What should I do?

Never mind…figured it out. Sensor 2 sensor type didn’t take with my mobile device. Went on my laptop and reset sensor 2 for Toro TFS-100 and it’s perfectly accurate.


@ciro, glad to hear your flow sensor is working properly. Just for clarification, did you have a different flow sensor selected in the app by accident?

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Yes, wirh

Yes, with my alcatel phone I had difficulty with the app.

@ciro, just curious what issue you were experiencing? Do you happen to have screenshots? I assume you’re using the most recent version of the Android app…

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