Toro TFS-075 Flow Error

Hello, has anyone here successfully used a Toro TFS-075 wired flow meter? I recently installed one, brand new. When I compare the water usage reported by my Rachio Gen 2 to my city meter, the Rachio reported usage is consistently about 5X too high. I would set the K-factor (0.15630) and offset (0.9) myself, but I do not see an obvious way to do that.

I opened a ticket with Rachio support over a week ago, and I have not yet received any response.

I am curious, how did you manually set the K and offset? I am not seeing how to do that in the app.

Ah, sorry. To be clear, it would be helpful to be able to enter the K and Offset, but it appears that Rachio has that locked down. I’m guessing that Rachio needs to vet each make/model of flow meter so that they can support it. Newbie question: does anyone from Rachio post in these forums?


Yes, the team monitors and posts to the forums.


First, make sure you are connected to “Sensor Common” and S1 on GEN2.

It is important to note that all that happens when you choose your meter from the list is that the K and Offset are supposed to be chosen to match that meter. So, if you picked it from the list, it should have already populated those values you mention.

If all that is good, since you are over counting by that much, it mostly leaves either an interference problem, a strangely defective meter (that would be a odd failure mode), or the correct K and offset were not populated and there is a bug.

One possible way to check for interference (though far from perfect) would be to remove the common from the controller (but not S1) and you should record 0 gpm. If not, that could be the issue.

S1 - check. Removed the lead to SC, ran a zone for a few minutes - 0 litres consumed, and I got a low flow warning for that zone (which of course would be expected). Unless the flow meter is defective, I’m wondering if it’s software.

I’ll try changing the units back to imperial (currently metric … Canada here, eh).

I’ll also try setting the flow meter to a different one in the software … maybe I can approximate the ‘true’ flow by choosing the ‘wrong’ flow meter.

Ah good to know, @franz. I’ll keep chipping away at this until you folks have a chance to follow up. Cheers

@MeterManSays, is there supposed to be continuity between S and SC? I get 3 ohms resistance … which I would assume is not significant?

The unit I have (not in use) which at one time was functioning with a CST meter attached is definitely not a short between S1 and SC (or S2 and SC). That sounds defective if true. (I am assuming this is with meter disconnected.

@MeterManSays whoops, I meant to write C and SC.