Top page weather related content refinement

I would like to suggest making the information more consistent for ease of use:

  • on the card “Local Weather”, add the day of month (Thu 18, Fri 19) rather than just Thu, Fri. And along similar lines, add the weekday to the “My Yard” card. I know that I can always go and cross reference things on the “Watering Schedule”.

  • On the “Local Weather” card, it would be great to have a link embedded (maybe user definable?), so when I see the rain clouds for the next 5 days come and go, I can quickly check this out on a relevant weather website. Best would be if an actual weather map would be the background to the cloud symbol and temperature, and, when clicking on the background the weather site pops up. I believe this feature would be even more helpful for people who live a distance away from the selected weather station.

  • it has been suggested before, but for completeness: add precipitation probability e.g. underneath the hi/low temps. Again, this would help visualize easier, if we are just straddling the probability of some rain, or if a real system is on its way. Which in turn helps making the decision for a rain delay override if close. Maybe you could even go as far as putting an alert into the zones on My Yard to consider using a rain delay (because I sense last year I quite often saw irrigation triggered with a rain system on approach, but didn’t have the time to research it enough to make a human intervention…)

  • on Watering Schedule card, when I click on a day with a green drop (watering event) it only shows in the pop up, what schedule gets triggered (which I already know in my case of all being on Flex), but it would be really more informative to know, which zones will get watered. Yes, I know, I can go find out on My Yard, and scroll up and down to figure it out.

As always, thanks for a great product and your openness to suggestions!