Too much water flooding the gutter

Have a Rachio 3 - 12 zones wide variety of plantings. Zone in question is Zone 7, Flex daily; Waters three trees and a dense population of perennials growing beneath them.Noticed yesterday that it was cycling and soaking for a long time; went out front and saw the flood of water pouring out the drainage pipe from the backyard where z7 is, into the gutter. Went onto computer to z7 and pressed fill to let the system know that the area was saturated. It kept cycling so went back into the system and disabled #7. Total of time watered was 743 minutes ( though the actual time said 5 hrs 19 m).

Have struggled with the Advanced Settings since I bought the unit; read alot in the beginning, still having trouble understanding all the particulars.

I would like some guidance in relearning to better manage this ( along with other cycle/soak) zone. For Z7 particularly, I want to see fewer hours of run time a little more often and eliminate gallons of water waste.

Hmm I’d try reducing the root depth to 12” — on a Zone with mixed vegetation, you may find that helps reduce the runoff and I think most trees will get moisture at that setting. The perennial plants will certainly be better off. The default tree root depth seems a bit optimistic and too much in my experience. But careful, with this heat wave… (I’m from north of Sacramento). If you alter advanced zone settings, make one change at a time and see how good things go. Good luck.

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I also had too much water that was flooding the gutter. It was a literary disaster, as I had so much to deal with at the moment. I didn’t fix it by myself, although I spend a couple of hours on it. Thankfully, my cousin has experience in Rachio hardware and software, so he fixed all the stuff in 10 minutes. I still don’t know how he did it. In addition, I ordered a gutter installation service to be sure that I have no contiguous problems. Currently, I reduced root depth to 10", as my trees are still young.

Hi @DannyH

Welcome to the Community. Are you also having issues with a zone on Flex Daily?

what does the moisture graph (all three weeks) for the zone look like?