Too Many Zones

I have used a Rachio Gen2 Controller for about two years now…am finding out that some parts of our lawn are not getting enough water - as it looks like we doubled up on some zones (and this reduces the water pressure on the doubled-up zones). I am hoping I can buy another Rachio 3 controller and hook it up as well (either daisy chain it to the first one - or use it as a separate controller for the back yard - using the old one for the front yard) - and control both on a schedule to run three times a week etc. Can I do that?
I have my sprinkler guys coming in next Tuesday, so any responses would very much be appreciated. Thanks.

You can definitely add more than one controller to your account. They won’t act as “one” unit, but you will be able see and operate both controllers on your account.

This article provides more information

Hope this helps!


Franz: Yes, it sure does…Thanks for the prompt response, I truly appreciate it.

Now, my issue is making sure I get the new controller before the sprinkler guys show up to do the work.

Warm regards.

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