To Web or Phone: That is the Question

There are fairly significant capability differences between the web app and the smartphone app (iPhone). It looks like the phone app has more features, and is the best item to use for advanced settings. Is this true?

As an example, I set up custom nozzles on the phone app, but could not find a way to do it on the web app. And after setting up three custom drips and 4 custom sprays on the phone, the drop down menu of nozzles in the web app only display the standard plus custom drip nozzles - none of the predefined custom spray nozzles are available. A bug?

And since the functions available in each app are not the same, I find it confusing when instructions are given in these pages, and they may be for the web when I am looking at my phone, or vice versa.

Does anybody have a full list of capability differences between the web and phone apps?

Love the product!! Consistency between apps would be nice. :grimacing:

There are some gaps, getting closer, but majority of features are in the web app.

They should be there, did you refresh the web app? I just checked and mine are definitely in the list.

Missing in web app:

  • shared access
  • device card (status, settings, rain delay)
  • editing custom nozzles

Getting there… :wink:


I applaud the effort to listen, record, consider and implement the suggestions, and notifications of errors. You even encourage everyone to help to with the design implementation of ET theory.

Meanwhile, I think there are some serious failings with flex scheduling (time zones, moisture display, recovery from rain events that don’t happen, etc.) that i hope are prioritized higher than most requests.

And I’m disappointed to now learn that if I were to start using my Android I’d experience different capabilities.

I urge caution to not get carried away trying to be all things to all people.

Flex scheduling is a fundamental product differentiator for you guys at the residential market level - get it right with double the effort versus anything else.

And only implementing features on whatever platform it’s initially easiest to implement on, with a hope of coming back to the other platforms later, doesn’t make sense to me. My request is to not release cpabilities until they can come out on all 3 platforms.


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Would like to request to be able to control multiple IRO thru the WEB app. :unamused:

These are display only issues. If a rain event doesn’t happen it is auto-corrected in the observation the next day, “serious failings” sounds very harsh. The only thing we are still wrestling with is forecasted precipitation.

Android is 100% on parity with iOS. Where did you read this?

I agree! :wink:

In a perfect world with unlimited resources this is possible. We wanted to get v2.0 of the software out as soon as possible, knowing that a much smaller set of users use the webapp.

Not being critical, just trying to set the record straight.


There is currently a drop down list of Iros on the webapp, is this what you mean?


Yes but I am trying to help my son set his IRO. I can access it on the IOS but not on the Web App.

Ah got it, yes shared access not available on webapp yet.


I hope it will be on the drawing board. :smile:

I think you said: flex scheduling works better than it appears (displays) to. We have display problems. We’re fixing them. Hang in there.

OK. Thanks.

If everything’s a display problem (associated with flex scheduling), then 3 days to recover from a rain event that doesn’t actually happen is the only non-display problem I’m aware of. And may be this is the forecasted precipitation problem.

I read it just above in the thread (Android isn’t same feature set as PC). I don’t use anything but a PC to ‘talk’ to my Iro. Thus, my representation of what the feature set of Iro is what’s available on the PC.

Thank you.


I don’t see how to refresh the web app. My browser is Safari. I have 14 nozzles on the list in the phone app. All of them don’t fit on one screen shot, but they are there and easily accessed by swiping up and down. Here are screen shots of the two different nozzle lists (created weeks ago, so refreshing shouldn’t be an issue).

Hi @JCE, this is Dan with Rachio. Have you tried scrolling through the list of nozzles?

Okay… that is just too simple. Yes it works. I had tried before, but apparently I was scrolling in the wrong direction, so it looked like it wasn’t scrollable to me. Never mind. They are all there.

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I’m using the iPhone app and I only get 6 nozzle choices, no matter how much swiping I do in any direction. And the same result on my iPad. How do I get more than those 6 choices?

You can create your own custom nozzles if you want to expand your library.