Timing for PWS to show up?

Good Morning,

I set up a PWS yesterday and it is transmitting to WU successfully. How long until I can expect to see it selectable in My Rachio Gen 3? Are there any additional steps I need to take?

I saw posts from over a year ago that there were some issues being worked out/backlogs of data, but I’d assume that has been corrected by now. Appreciate any help! Thanks!

It can take up to a week to show up.


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Thanks! So as long as i can see it on Wunderground, there is no other action I need to take or things to check to get it to show up in Rachio properly? Just wait?

I appreciate your help! I’m new to owning a PWS and am all geeked out to get it working with my system now!

Correct. Sit back and let the magic happen. :wink:

That’s great. I’ve had one for a few years and it’s fun to get micro climate data at your doorstep.

Welcome to the community!


Good Morning,
I have had a PWS for over 2 months now. It is active on CWOP and I have confirmed it is transmitting and it is also on W Underground and I still do not see it on my list ow PWS near me?

Do you have a Gen 2 or Gen 3? Only the weather intelligence plus feature on Gen 3 supports WU stations. (or Costco Gen 2 units last year).


I am assuming it is a GEN 2 because it is three to four years old. I know it is not a Gen a Gen3. Does this help it says E5306F?

Hi Joseph,
The easiest way to get your station to show up is to also upload data to pwsweather.com. Data can flow via CWOP, but only if you’ve asked your station’s data to be sent to NOAA. You can check here (link) to see if your station was already registered with NOAA.

For the quickest solution, simply reply or message me (here) with your weather underground ID and I’ll make sure it is available within pwsweather, which is owned by the data provider Rachio uses for non WI+ devices.

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Thank you it is KMIROCKF56. Also I did check the link and I did not see FW5668 which is odd because I see it on other sites. Anyway you can help with that as well?

@ALFIE1 Done (link), be on the lookout for PWS_Wx45958 within an hour or so.
I see that you are paying Davis for a higher upload rate, my code can actually acquire data directly from them, instead of going via WU. Allowing 5 minute upload rate without their monthly subscription. To switch you over I would need to know the device ID of your Davis station, or a summary link (like this) from their sharing interface.

To register your CWOP station with NOAA, you would need to email cwop-support@noaa.gov and ask for your station to be registered for NOAA uploads. Be sure to mention that you’ve verified that location, seen here: http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=FW5668 is correct.

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Just wanted to follow up on my original question. The PWS showed up today for me! I have a Gen 3 reporting to WU and it only ended up taking about 3 days to populate. I appreciate that there is some type of quality control process before making the stations available to users. Good stuff guys!