Times in Flex Daily Schedule

Maybe this is a dumb question, but since the Flex Daily schedule fluctuates the time each zone spends watering (I think), what is the point of entering the number of minutes for each zone to run during the scheduling setup?

Flex Daily never adjusts durations, just frequency. Once the zone is depleted the system will water. The duration should be the amount to fill the zone “bucket” and that won’t change. If the values chosen for the zone are misaligned you might have to increase or decrease those values, but it won’t affect the watering frequency.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit more confused now. I just looked at my next three scheduled waterings and the same zone is set to water 34 minutes tomorrow, then 39 minutes the next watering, and then 30 later in the week. I set that zone at 37 minutes. Are you saying this should not be happening, and I have a larger problem on my hands? You mentioned Flex Daily does not adjust durations, but it appears mine does. Should I delete the schedule and start from scratch?

The only reason it should do that is if you have watering restrictions (limited days we can water) in place. With enough restrictions flex doesnt work that well since it tries to close watering gaps and keep the bucket filled by topping it off. If we can only water two or three days a week I usually recommend fixed or flex monthly schedules with Weather Intelligence for precipitation monitoring since that might perform better.


That makes sense. I can only water on odd days. I will check out the monthly schedules. Thanks!

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