Time zone issues

The product obviously works correctly regardless of what time zone the phone the app is on - however, some of the calendar counters / indicators are out on the app itself. The app IMHO should work entirely based upon the time setting of the Rachio so any code using app / phone / device indicators should be removed and stick only the device time.

One example is for the calendar itself, if I’m past the day in the time zone, it shows tomorrows calendar and says the next schedule is tomorrow (I am on a 5 hour difference)…

@franky_Brit‌ thanks for pointing this out. This will be fixed in 1.3.2.

I’m still seeing this issue where the schedule is running fine on local time but when I travel the timestamps and water schedules use the time zone where I’m at. This makes the history incorrect.

@Brandon, thanks for the update. We’re aware of this issue and looking into a fix. How if the Iro working for you otherwise?

Best, Emil