Thinks Zone watered but it didn't

First time I’ve seen this happen and it doesn’t look right. I’m running Flex, and the moisture level for my Zone 10 shows that the zone watered this morning (May 11) getting the zone to 100%, but the overall zone screen shows that it last watered on May 10, nothing shows for it in the watering log or the scheduled log and it definitely did not water. Both the flex web app and the IOS app show the same things.

If it was my lawn I wouldn’t worry too much, but this is my annual beds.


My drip zones (zone 10 is one) run between the lawn zones and the flower misters.


I had a similar problem this morning that I just posted about. I wonder if something in the system is messed up today.

I’ve seen this in the past too. In my experience, after incorrectly reporting a watering, the system will correct itself sometime overnight and your graph will look right tomorrow. Not sure why this happens…

@Linn The calendar (especially today) is a simulation. In this case using predicted weather it thought it would hit zero for soil moisture and water.

To double check, I looked at the auditing for the zone.

Your soil moisture deficit for that zone for the day was 0.010000000000000023 inches. Close…but not zero :wink:

It will water tomorrow since it will hit zero (unless precipitation offsets the ET for the day).


@franz I know that keeping a GUI simple is important, but maybe it would help to add the word ‘Predicted’ in front of ‘Watering Schedule’ for a calendar that includes WAN or Flex schedules ? Just a thought. Also, on the moisture graph would it be possible to shade the curve and droplets differently for predictions than actual waterings ?

right, or solid lines for actual history and dashed lines for predictions. Pretty clear visual indication of actual vs predicted and you can say you are 508 compliant :wink:

@azdavidr @johnny2678 I’ll be sure to capture these in our backlog.

Would definitely cut down on confusion.


@franz Maybe you can help clear this confusion that’s still my brain. I get that today is a prediction of what’s going to happen. But zones 5, 6, and 11 all did what was predicted as far as watering (because they were going to be at zero even if we did get the .03 inches of rain unless it watered). My confusion is why show that it’s going to water with the droplet if it’s not going to be at zero and need the watering. It would have made sense to me if it had not shown the watering amount and the droplet, as long as it was showing the .01 inches.

I do like the idea of different color water droplets for predicted versus actual and dashed lines.