The results of flex daily

This are the zones that I started with flex daily schedule back in June green thumbs to Rachio and also the Rachio team for making this possible. before I had a dumb controller and my grass didn’t even look nearly close to what it looks like today thank you Rachio.

I also want to thanks @azdavidr - @tmcgahey -and @franz - for they great input to dialed in the zones my grass looks really happy now I’ll be installing the all new Rachio 3 and the flow meter i just can’t wait for
the project.


Your landscape looks awesome @Anthony. Nice job! It takes patience to work through Flex Daily at first, but as you show it sure pays off.

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Thanks @azdavidr - you are 100% right flex daily require work and patience to get where you wanted to be but at the end like you said it’s pays off really well.
I am still doing some tweaking but I think that is the easy part of flex daily.


@Anthony Thanks for sharing, looks amazing! When can we visit? :wink:



Dang @Anthony, I’m envious of your grass right now!!! I’ve been a bit behind the upkeep on mine the last couple weeks with a new baby showing up, followed right up with my 7 year old having a ruptured appendix. It is WAY long right now and going to really suffer when I get a chance to trim it back…

Glad we could be of help, and really glad you were willing to listen to us and put a little faith in Rachio, once we got it entered with the right information!


Thanks. @franz - this wouldn’t be possible without the Rachio and the team for being hard at work and the best active community.

@franz - you guys are more than welcome to visit I’ll make sure to have the grilled ready and beers :beers: give me a heads up and we make it possible.

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Thanks. @tmcgahey - for taking the time and guide me through some settings it really pays off well and changing the nozzle type made big difference.

Congratulations :champagne::tada: on your new baby and sorry to hear about your 7 year old hope all is well. I have a 12 year old daughter and a 3 year old boy he just got his tonsils and adenoids remove and I know the feeling brotha.

I know when you get back to your lawn it is going to look awesome I told @franz - you guys are more than welcome to come and visit I’ll have the beers :beers: and the grilled ready to rock and roll :guitar: