The Dreaded Gardening Sheers Incident

I was doing some yard maintenance and managed to cut right through the adapter wire with my gardening sheers while trimming a plant…it’a been that kind of month…anyway, where can I buy a new one? And do they come longer than 6ft? If not, any suggestions on how to make the cord longer? I only need another a couple feet so I can make sure the cord is out of the way preventing this from ever happening again. Thank you. I did try to search for answer to both questions with no luck. Could be that I’m new to the community…more operator error lol

You could get some standard 18-2 (18 gauge, 2 strand) lamp cord from a local hardware store and splice it in.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

I may go that route. I’m have to wrap out really well in something to protect it from the elements. Thanks for the suggestion!

Do you have a picture of it?

Ouch! Go ahead and write into us at (subject Attn: Eric) and we’ll see what we can do for you :smile:

Thank you Eric!

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Email sent! Thanks again!

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Better than cutting the end of your finger off!


Definitely couldn’t agree more with you @superslow! haha

I tried to do that back in December with my electric hedge trimmers. Had I not been wearing gloves I most likely would have lost a good portion of a finger. It’s been a bad year - so bad that no one was surprised when I posted a pic of my finger on Facebook lol

@VryDarkEyes - As the transformer is AC it doesn’t matter which wire is hooked up to which one on the other side. As there is now a cut in the cable, one could consider running the wire inside tubing to prevent the gardening sheers from slicing through them as easily and then connecting the two ends together with wire nuts or butt joints. Depending on how tough one wanted to make it the choices could be plastic tubing, PVC, copper tubing or galvanized pipe.

Do not use tape, electrical or otherwise, in an outdoor application, even with low voltage!

If you must make repairs, use approved weatherproof splices.

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