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to all, the report is posted here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been a Rain Machine 12 zone touchscreen user for quite a few years. The last few weeks I had an issue with their algorithms. I went through troubleshooting on my own and then contacted their tech support. No answer on their end. No one in their forums could explain why the RM weather algorithms would still run my zones at 150 percent when my weekly rain was 5-7 times what I needed and set up. The only way it worked is if I left it at fixed watering which defeats the whole purpose of a smart watering system. I went with the Rachio 3 due to the price point juxtaposed with what it provided. Paying 800 bucks and getting a limit of 8-12 zones is crazy. I will miss the touchscreen On RM a little bit, but the product has to work in the end. I got sick of fighting the Rain Machine, and Rachio weather integrations were light years ahead of RM. And as I said, the integrations they did have werenā€™t really being grabbed by the RM AI anyway. You really donā€™t even use the touchscreen for local use anyway. Between phone and web access that was all I needed. I guess if there ever came a time when Rachio was down for a considerable amount of time or they went out of business, that may be an issue. However, only having my Rachio for a day it looks like you can run it manually (standby) (which means locally I guess?) anyway. Still learning it, but I havenā€™t regretted making the switch. If RM got their act together I would have stayed, but I was pulling my hair out trying to figure the issues out. Easier for me to trash it and go with another product.

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