Thanks for the new Email Feature

My system emailed me today for the first time with this new feature. Thanks Rachio team;

Hi Mr Perfect (OK, I made that up),

Based on current weather conditions for device Front_Home yard the next scheduled water time at 04:00 AM will be skipped.

The weather service in your area has predicted 0.76 inches of precipitation over a 48 hour period. The current threshold used to determine rain delay is 0.25 inches of precipitation.

If you would like to turn off this rain delay, you may do so from your Rachio smartphone app.

The Rachio Team



Iro has skipped two of my scheduled run times because of rain. Who needs a rain sensor? One of them was this morning, I woke up and it was raining. I checked the app and sure enough - rain delay was active!!

Thank you guys!! Exactly what I needed!

Agreed that this was a nice addition. Combining these into a monthly report would be a nice next step.

Do you have to setup this notification on the unit? Can’t seem to find it but I’m only on day 2 with mine.

Same here Jmaditto…just received the unit, haven’t seen this feature.

Hi everyone,

If you have Water Budgeting turned on for a watering time, you will receive emails explaining any changes we make to your schedule based on season. This usually takes about two weeks to kick in from the time you first turn on Water Budgeting for a schedule.

If you have Weather Intelligence turned on for a given schedule/watering time, you will receive an email if we skip a watering time for weather.

Thanks for the clarification. I turned on both WB and WI. Will the WI kick in immediately?

@Jmaditto‌ Yes, WI will kick on immediately.

Can these features be set per zone or make a group? I have hanging baskets and grow boxes that need water even if it rains.

@chadx‌ Yep, you can just put that zone on its own separate watering time.

Thanks for the quick reply. Done and Done.

I might not be giving mine enough time as it’s only been installed for about a week. Anyway, we got rain last night so my instinct was to turn on rain mode as my next water schedule WSS this morning. As a test, I did nothing to see if it would auto skip this am. It didn’t. Does WI account for how much rain before skipping? Thanks

@Jmaditto‌ WI will kick in immediately. Thanks for doing a test and sorry to hear it didn’t yield the results you were looking for. WI does account for a specific precipitation level. We would love to take a look at your device and its weather predictions.

If you’d like us to find out why it didn’t skip, email us at with your device’s serial number and reference this thread. We’ll check it out for you and get you some answers.

Next release will have a URL link in the email that you can run the skipped watering time if you deem necessary. Fun stuff coming for sure!

In the new history view we publish why or why not a schedule was skipped.