Texas - Houston rain event

I’m here in the Houston area and just switch over to the water as needed. We received 15" of rain over night and rachio wanted to water today 4/21 and now again on 4/26. This does not seem right to me. What is the best way to let the system know the ground is very saturated right now. The weather station I was receiving data from wasn’t providing very accurate data.

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@rmylek I think the best thing if you got bad data is set a manual rain delay for whatever period of time you want, then point your system to a better weather station. You can’t manually adjust moisture levels.

If you are seeing bad weather data, I would recommend choosing a personal weather station close to you. These can sometimes be a lot more accurate than a national station that isn’t very close.

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I, too, live in the Houston area, and I have a good PWS connection (MID_E1268). My issue is that for my shrub beds, the ET calculations are too aggressive at removing moisture and the app indicates that tomorrow is a planned watering day. I tried adjusting the moisture to full, and that reduced the level as input to today from 120% to 100%. Do I need to turn off the zones for a day, or is there some other way to ensure the zones don’t run? Thanks.

@rbeck I’m assuming this is on a flex schedule? I believe you can always do use the rain delay function if you don’t want the device to water.

@rbeck, if you’re using WAN schedules, the schedule will not dynamically shift. A rain skip and/or climate skip will be issued roughly 1 hour before the scheduled watering time if your thresholds have been met.

Adjustments to moisture graphs are made to the previous day. Today’s data is always forecasted and cannot be adjusted. If you’re using WAN schedules, moisture graphs have no impact on your schedules.

I misunderstood what the rain delay button was until I read and re-read your post. :frowning:

I’m using flex for now. I want to be able to see the moisture graphs and I want to be able to within the Rachio software skip my landscaper’s day. I can’t do either with WAN.

I have adjusted the single zone that was watered on Saturday and Sunday (app showed two zones scheduled for watering) after the watering was done. Hopefully, that will reset the depletion sufficiently.