Test screen

It would be nice to have a test screen where you can easily and quickly turn individual zones on and off manually. This is nice when setting up the system from new and also for trouble shooting and annual commissioning after winter.

@Chapin, agreed. There is a 3rd party remote that allows this. Check it out here :slight_smile:

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Thanks. It would be nice to have this baked in.

Will I need to find and enter that API key every time I use that webpage? It would be nice if it was easy to find in the iOS app.

FYI, this link looks old. I could not find the API Key here, but elsewhere. the menu reffered to here does not seem to exist.

@Chapin, hmm good question. I’d need to play with the remote again to answer that question.

Looks like the screenshots are bit dated in that documentation. Here’s where to find the API Key (just click on the person icon for the menu to appear):

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