Terminal Current Sensors?

The Rachio web site says Terminal Current Sensors are ‘coming soon’. Is there any info on when that might be? I have had numerous valve solenoid failures (open circuits) and didnt realize the valves werent working until plants started dying from lack of water, even though zones were being energized. Are many other people interested in this feature

I am curious, too. At this point I have practically given up on seeing anything new.

@goldband That is a product feature I’m interested in and a feature I’ve asked for too.

My topic: Troubleshooting: Open wire loop and/or solenoid load test


I was hoping V3 would have had open circuit detection. I think it is crucial. My customer on Monday had two zones that didn’t work. He thought everything was fine. It turns out the bug spraying company installed one of those termite bait spikes through the common wire. It happened months ago. An open circuit test would have known that. Seems a no brainer to me for a smart controller.

It does have fault detection, although it doesn’t seem very accurate yet.

I asked Rachio support about circuit detection and they said it IS a feature of V3. How do we know for sure?


Fault/short circuit detection yes. Although, I seemed to have gotten two false master valve fault alerts recently on a customers system. Customer says things have been watering normally.

Open circuit detection, I don’t think so.