Temperature Driven Cycle

In the desert of “Lost Wages” I change my water schedule based upon temperature.
Over 100 water every other day
80-100 every 3rd day
60-80 every 4th day
below 60 weekly
It would be nice to be able to set a watering schedule based upon temperature.

Temperature change programming sounds like a good idea at first but there are more factors that contribute to the evapotranspiration amounts which are carefully calculated and assist with the function of the Rachio controller. Even a 20 degree swing on the temperature can relate to 20% of the critical adjustments needed for any particular zone.

Wind, rain, heat, cold and humidity are the main contributing factors that add to or deplete the required amount of irrigation. These factors contribute to how fast of slow the rate of evaporation is and determine how much and how often we need to replace the water to our vegetation.

It is recommended to slowly reduce minutes as colder weather hits as opposed to reducing the days from right off the bat. Once you get to the 60 to 65 degree mark, then you can reduce the amount of time over the amount of days.

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