Temperature based start times

Live in the Detroit area and wondered if there was a way to have the water start time be based on temperature. What I needed was to start watering the lawn after 70 degrees F. This is very important as I have learned from past experience that watering below that temp on a regular basis causes major fungus issues. Is there a way to do this?

I’ve been asking for something very similar. A temperature greater than or equal to X, during a time period to trigger a zone.

While we aren’t planning on adding temperature triggers in the near future, we are currently exploring integration with a number of platforms, including IFTTT, which would be perfect for something like this. We’re hoping to have some of those integration points available by the end of next month (maybe sooner). We’ll keep you posted!

I very much hope sooner! Thanks.

@jeremyshultz‌ @2Geeky4U‌ I’m hoping we can start the IFTTT integration very soon.

@franz‌ that sounds great - what’s your definition of soon? :). Days, weeks, months?

@jeremyshultz‌ Starting to build up requirements and working with IFTTT. Depends on how well our API will fit into their recipe structure. If it is a good match and not a lot of work on our side, should be a week or two from when implement. Will post as soon as I know more regarding compatibility!

This sounds like a good use for the Wink Hub, too. A temperature sensor communicating through the Hub could have a rule to turn on a timer in the Rachio/Iro.

I like @2Geeky4U‌’s idea. And the reverse is to not water if the temp is too cold. That would be a bonus.

If only the Wink App actually would work with the Iro. Mine still doesn’t - I always get a time out error displayed whenever I try do do anything in the app.

Very interesting idea… More than IFTTT, it would be good to see the integration in the app itself.