Tell Your Friends About Rachio

I am so tired of the dumb style controllers that run no matter what the weather. Let’s start to move the needle. Spread your success stories with your friends and neighbors. Just wish there was a reasonably priced product like this for commercialunch installations. WIFI becomes an issue. Any ideas?


I have already got 4 of my neighbors to buy one and I have dialed them up. I have another friend that installs irrigation and we have been working together so he can tune these for customers. I have done his first 3 and he is getting up to speed.

Cool. Good job.

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I’m in mad love with this product. I had already started some basic architecture for my own concept of flex when I found this product and after swapping some messages with franz about where I was going, he asked me to join the beta for flex and I was hooked. I write code all day and was moving slower on this than I liked so to have all of that just drop into my lap was amazing. It’s the only product That has caused my to contract fanboyitus.


@robertokc @plainsane

Thank you for your support! It’s users like the two of you that make this all worth it.

Have a great weekend!