Taking more than one picture per zone

I have a rather complicated system with 10 zones and roughly 75-80 spray heads, rotors, nozzles in various areas spread across an acre of land. When I try to configure each zone as a first time setup the menu lets me only choose one type of watering device from the menu for each zone (Nozzle, rotor, mister). It gives no option to choose multiple types of watering devices for each zone. For example in my front yard I have multiple rotors and nozzles not just one type. I am not too concerned with this feature yet as the reason with my purchase was for easy manual control of a large system instead of running in and out of the control room. My main concern is that the option which allows you to take pictures for each zone only allows one picture. My zones are complicated and each zone controls many things. For example Zone 1 controls my front sod, side garden, garden beside office, garden beside garage etc. It is impossible to fit it all in one picture. Is there some way to allow multiple pictures to be uploaded for each zone?

We currently do not have a feature allowing for more than one zone image. I will relay this feedback to our product team. Thanks and have a great day!


For iOS I’ve used the Workflow app Photo Grid workflow to grid four photos into a single image. I think Workflow is free now that Apple owns it (and is integrating it into iOS12) and if it isn’t a default routine you can find it in the gallery. No idea what an Android or Windows equivalent app is.

Here’s an example using photos from Multnomah Falls.