System says watering however no water

My system was working fine for months. For some reason the controller says its watering however no water is coming out. My main valve is on and I do not have a rain sensor connected. I checked all connections to my 14 zones and nothing is working. Any help would be appreciated.

Has any digging occurred recently?
Do you have a multimeter? If so, I would suggest:

  1. Turn on a zone and check the power output at the terminals for that zone (should be 24 VAC)
  2. If you have power, turn off the zone and check the wiring, especially the common wire(s) at the controller
  3. Check the impedance of one of the valves from the controller. For more information on this, see a forum post such as: Runaway zone

It seems rather unlikely that ALL of the valves went out. That is why I am suspecting common wire(s) and/or the controller itself.